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  •  Mildly hawkish vs. shrilly hawkish (0+ / 0-)

    Well! While it might be hard to overstate the case, you've given it an admirable try. I can do no better than refer you to Frank Rich's review, published recently in the New York Review of Books, of Beinart's excerise in self-glorification. Here's a small excerpt:

    Beinart's hyperventilating over the threat of a supposedly resurgent left is a reminder of the habits of mind that led him to the mistakes this book wants to apologize for. Once again, worst-case logic has become a filter, preventing him from looking clearly at the evidence. Writing of liberal activists who blog at, he frets that "their idealism, and their outrage, is directed almost exclusively against the right."

    Just because Beinart's means are different (one would expect that), doesn't mean his ends aren't the same. You would do yourself, and the board, a credit if you would stop assuming people you disagree with are idiots. Leave that sort of shrill hyperventilating to Beinart.

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