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      Pickup & Destruction Of Sensitive Waste Material
      Document Type:  Modification to a Previous Presolicitation Notice

      Solicitation Number: USSS030011

      Set Aside: Total Small Business

      Contracting Office Address: Department of the Treasury, United States Secret Service (USSS), Procurement Division, 950 H Street, NW, Suite 6700, Washington, DC, 20223

      Description: The purpose of this amendment is to answer all questions submitted prior to the closing date of this solicitation. 1.) I wanted to know if my firm would have a competitive opportunity to win this contract if we have not had previous experience with document destruction services specifically? If business entity establishment is less than two (2) years, provide related experience of key personnel. Past Performance shall be valued as acceptable, unacceptable, or neutral. 2.) May we use our past experience with much larger contracts that included recycling and document destruction services? Yes, if the experience is pertinent to this requirement. 3.) Do you have a sample of a past formatted quote on what the submitted quote should look like? If so, can you send a copy? There is no mandatory format for the RFQ. It should contain all information requested in the solicitation. 4.) Do we enter "New Business? for your question or areas to respond to past experience if we have no past experience? If no past performance information is available the company should indicate this in their offer. 5.) Should my company utilize a subcontractor does the prime contractor need a security clearance as well as the subcontractor? Yes, only if the prime contractor’s personnel intend to perform any services proposed under the contract. The Contractor shall submit proof of security clearances and SSF 3237?s (12/02), U.S. Secret Service Contractor Personnel Access Form(s), for all proposed personnel at time of proposal. 6.) We currently have security clearances for our employees through the IRS, but we do not know if that meets your requirement for proof of security clearances and we do not know if the forms we submitted to them were SSF 3237's. Do you have a copy of SSF 3237 that you could provide or instruct us as to where we can obtain this form? IRS security clearances do not meet the USSS security clearance requirements.

      The Solicitation is hereby changed to read “The Contractor shall submit proof of security clearances and SSF 3237’s (12/02), U.S. Secret Service Contractor Personnel Access Form(s), for all proposed personnel prior to contract awards. 7.) Do you have an estimate of the number of canvas carts currently being supplied at each of the different service locations? Also do you have the approximate size or holding capacity of these carts? Each cart can hold approximately 25 burn bags (depending on how full the bags are). The vendor supplies the carts. When the vendor arrives they usually bring about 15 carts. We don't use a set amount at any location, because it changes each time. 8.) Do you have a copy of the Collective Bargaining Agreements referred to under SCA Minimum Wages and Fringe Benefits? No, The Service Contract wage rate and labor category will be available prior to contract award. It is the responsibility of the Contractor under the Collective Bargaining Agreement to provide wage rates. 9.) You state that award is anticipated within 10 days after receipt of quotes, what is anticipated start-up date for new contract? Approximately seven (7) to ten (10) days after the award date or as soon as possible after date of award. 10.) Can you provide current contract dollar amount and who current contractor is that is providing the service? The present contractor providing Pickup & Destruction of Sensitive Waste Material services is Mid Atlantic Shredding Services and the current rate is $0.095 cents per lbs.

      Original Point of Contact: Simona Pickett, Contract Specialist, Phone (202)406-6940, Fax (202)406-6801, Email

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