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View Diary: FOLLOWING THE POLLS: The Monday Edition **UPDATED** (146 comments)

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    This is Zogby's INTERACTIVE SURVEYS, with the all-volunteer samples. Responsible for some of the most ridiculous results in the entire campaign cycle.

    For example, just from this round of polling...

    WI-SEN: Kohl +9  (Badger poll had Kohl +57).
    WA-SEN: Cantwell +4  (New SUSA tonight has Cantwell +14).
    TX-SEN: Hutchison +19 (Zogby phone had KBH +34).
    OH-SEN: Brown +2  (Everyone has this at double digits).
    MN-SEN: Klobuchar +8 (See OH-SEN).
    FL-SEN: Nelson +14 (Last poll was Nelson +26).
    WI-GOV: Green +0.3 (Badger Poll Has Doyle +12).
    OH-GOV: Strickland +8 (Everyone Has It Strickland +20 or more).
    CO-GOV: Beauprez +0.2 (Mason Dixon has Ritter +12).
    AR-GOV: Hutchison +3 (Rasmussen has Beebe +12).
    AZ-GOV: Napolitano +8 (ASU had Napolitano +30 or so).

    Why the Wall Street Journal pays for such absurd shit is beyond me. Why Zogby continues to stain his reputation with this tripe is also beyond me...especially when his phone polling is quite good.

    "It. Is. About. Winning."

    by Steve Singiser on Mon Oct 30, 2006 at 10:01:26 PM PST

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