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  •  Great sign from the Lawrence Journal World: (5+ / 0-)

    Lawrence turnout strong

    A couple of snippets:

    Voters seemed to be bringing plenty of passion to the polls as well. Lucius Hallett, who was voting at Kennedy Elementary near 19th and Harper, said he was driven to the polls by a mistrust of the Republican Party on “basically every issue.” He called at least one candidate on the ballot a criminal.

    At Pioneer Ridge Assisted Living, where some West Lawrence residents voted, there seemed to be hints that the predicted tide of Democratic voting was materializing.

    John Charmes and Craig West both identified themselves as registered Republicans, but both said they voted mostly for Democrats.

    Back on the east side of town, Susan King was one of the first voters on line this morning at Lawrence Senior Center.
    "I didn't vote because of specific issues, but because it's a citizen's responsibility to vote,” she said. “And other people, in other countries, don't have that privilege."

    She added: "I voted for a party I don't usually vote for and this is the second election that I've done that." King said she didn't want to identify which party but that "the issues are enough to move outside the regular party."

    And finally, sounds like E-voting concerns are growing nationally:

    "I'm in software and I worry about machine voting,” said Marc Briand, who voted at Lawrence Senior Center. “It's disconcerting, particularly machine voting that doesn't leave a paper trail. I'd much rather have just plain paper ballots. But, I did like seeing that there is a paper ballot here even if it does get counted by a machine."

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