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  •  Well, I don't trust him. (1+ / 0-)
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    He has been my Congressman for a decade now.  He has essentially thrown his constituency under the bus in order to further his own ambitions.

    This is a state that has elected a Jim Sasser, an Al Gore (Senior AND Junior) and can do better.  Frankly, I refuse to accept the idea that he is the best that we can do.  I have seen him up close and personal, and I don't like what I see.

    His father was the best Congressman we have ever had, and I never expected him to go any further than he did.  His VIEWS would have gotten him beat as much or more than his race.

    Can't we hit a happy medium between someone who is as left as Senior, and can't win, and someone as right-wing as Junior, who shouldn't?

    I would feel like an enabler if I voted for him, and that is regardless of the crap that he has done to Cohen.

    If Harold Ford Jr is the best that Tennessee Democrats can do (and I don't believe that for a second), then we might as well go home and plow, to steal a line from Bear Bryant.

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