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View Diary: Ted Haggard Buzz Kill: Stay Focused! (50 comments)

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  •  Front paged it (3+ / 0-)
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    Jonathan, hhex65, Joelarama

    Check out the front pages of those papers.

    They've got their own reporting, and they've seen the envelope sent from "Art".

    Here's the Rocky Mountain News story:

    RMN doesn't have much except that some rally for Haggard was cancelled by the church. Jones will take a polygraph on the radio.

    It's a big story in Colorado. Real big.

    •  just a big circle jerk (2+ / 0-)
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      Jonathan, exNYinTX

      The media here are just reporting on each other's stories at this point.

      If the allegations were airtight:

      (1) 9News would not have deferred on covering this story as an exclusive with huge national implications. They had access to the letter and voice mail messages two months ago. Yet, they wouldn't cover it. That raises questions about the legitimacy of the documents and tipster.

      (2) According to the 9News statement to Colorado Confidential, it does not appear as though additional information was learned simply that another outlet took the bait and covered the story. That gives them cover for slander lawsuit because they are simply reporting what was said on Newsradio KOA.  

      (3) Letters and voice mails are easy to forge. That's not convincing. A headboard cam would be convincing evidence. A blue dress with DNA would be too.

      (4) I have been covering a story for months on the sexual escapades of a former local public official who is running for office again. None of the Colorado media would cover the story because they felt my sources and evidence were not solid enough -- which was far more damning than what they're running with on the Haggard story.

      Today, my story finally broke in the mainstream media.

      Unbossed--a dangerous blog for dangerous times.

      by em dash on Thu Nov 02, 2006 at 06:47:00 PM PST

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