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    One of America's great reporters - so great America won't take you...all respect to you, sir, and thank you for sharing this, 'cause you're right - warnography indeed, and arriving hair's-breadth close to a pivotal election to boot.

    I bet you this was the NYT's idea of "fair and balanced," "supporting the troops," etc.  A way to wave the flag before the election and show the O'Reillians and Hannitites (sounds like a Biblical tribe, no?) that the always-accused-of-liberalism NYT is a caring, patriotic entity - so we're not so bad, see, you in Tennessee and Kentucky and Missouri and Ohio and everywhere else that's redder than it is blue; we're the NYT, the Gray Lady, the Paper of Record, been around a long time, eminently deserving of respect, and you know, that charge of liberalism, it just ain't true...I mean, hey, read this story, you gonna call us liberals now?

    Like you say, Mr. Palast, it's a terrible thing that an American soldier died, and like you, I'm not just saying that or paying lip service (I leave those bits of ignobility to our "leaders," who do a heckuva job in that category).  But what the hell is a "hard hit"?  Why aren't any Iraqis profiled?  And why should a reporter get away with whitewashing what's patently, absurdly obvious - that an occupation army, a non-native army, is performing these "hard hits"?  

    It'd be one thing to do this story and balance it with Iraqi perspectives.  It's another thing to imbalance it without those perspectives.  Untrustworthy and heavily suspect.  Thanks for pointing this out, Mr. Palast, but then again, I guess that's your habit.  We in America should cultivate, on the largest scale, the habit of reading your words.


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    by Nathan Hammersmith on Fri Nov 03, 2006 at 12:20:18 PM PST

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