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    The American Corporate Media is complicit in the 655,000 civilian deaths in Iraq.  Once-sided stories like the one which Greg Palast describes here are so slanted it makes one think the media WANTS us to consider the Iraqis our enemies -  even though we were supposed to have gone there to FREE the Iraqi people from the clutches of madman Saddam Hussein!

    The use of the media as a propaganda tool with so little concern for balance is a symptom of either acquiescence to pro-fascists in political power or fascism itself.

    All this time and we can't get balanced reporting on Bush's Occupation of Iraq.  

    Now consider the lack of reporting balance in the Corporate Media over the fraud, tampering and theft going on in our nation's voting process.

    If we can't wrest this election from the grip of Fascist tampering, fraud and theft, our loss of honest elections is fated to be as invisible in Big Media reporting as Iraqi suffering is invisible in our Big Media reporting.

    We are shimmering on the brink of a total flash of destruction.  

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