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    I do not respect the Iraq mission of the military.  The military is a tool, a blunt instrument of force.  The problem with talking about "the military" is that most people can't distinuish between the military as a blunt instrument of policy and members of the military as individual human beings.  

    It is tough to do both, but it can be done.  The American military men and women in Iraq are participants in an immoral invasion, occupation, and destruction of a society that was never a threat to this country.  In that sense, we are murderers. To deny it is to deny the meaning of the word. Murder is "the unlawful premeditated killing of a human being by another."  

    Just because Bush says its okay and fuckwad politicians support him doesn't make it legal.  Check the UN charter, the Geneva Convention, and International law.  Just because no country has the balls to stand up to the US to enforce International law still doesn't make it legal or moral.

    The only people who have the balls to stand up to the illegality and immorality of it all are the Iraqis. And yes, they are killing Americans in response.  I call these killings self-defense.

    I am sad that Lance Cpl. Smith lost his life for the madness of Bush and everyone else who will not denounce this war.  I am sadder that he chose to participate in an immoral and illegal war.  The law gave him an out if he chose it.  Other service members have decided that they no longer wanted to participate in this madness and they have taken means to extract themselves from it. People are in prison right now for refusing to return to Iraq.

    Every person has a choice regarding the right thing to do.  We are only limited by our fear. Blind obedience to immoral orders out of fear is understandable and tragic.  But it is still murder.

    "It is up to the most conscious member of the relationship to create the space for the relationship to grow." Ram Dass

    by bosuncookie on Fri Nov 03, 2006 at 05:11:32 PM PST

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