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  •  His support for Lieberman is bad, but (0+ / 0-)

    his support for the Military Commissions act was the very definition of spineless.  He said he said he'd been told he'd have the chance to amend the final version to eliminate gutting the requirement to adhere to the Geneva Conventions and other international definitions of torture.  That chance, which other Dem's agreed to as well, meant that amendments were offered.  Of course the Rethug enablers voted them down, and for some reason Ken Salazar voted for the bill, saying in his email to constituents basically that he felt obligated to vote for the final bill because he was suckered into thinking that anyone was going to limit the President's powers to torture.  He could have voted "No" on the bill, which is the earlier, and higher agreement he made when he took his oath of office, but no, he was spineless.  Same for the Gang of 14 with judges and filibusters, but don't get me started on that garbage.

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