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View Diary: Right wing Mega Church in Nashville buys tv time to urge followers to vote Republican (64 comments)

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    Although, as a previous poster stated, the IRS doesn't report the status or results of investigations, J. Kenny Blackwell's appendages the Revs. Rod Parsley and Russell Johnson have been silent to the point of near-invisibility during this election cycle. recall that back in the late spring, I believe it was, the IRS issued a statement showing that they were finding widespread violations and warning nonprofit groups and churches about stepping over the line.

    Russell Johnson's 501 (C) 3, the Ohio Restoration Project, which was formed to try to turn Ohio's govenment "Christian," was holding organizational breakfasts regularly through the beginning of the year, which were always listed on their website (and J. Kenny was a proud part of every one, the only statewide candidate to participate at all). Around the time of the May primary and the IRS warning these listings stopped appearing. For several months, the site only listed past events and two tentative events. As of September, the two tentative events were gone.

    Remember that this was the group that announced it was going to enlist a couple of thousand "Patriot Pastors" in Ohio to register 300 "values" voters apiece (of course, I did wonder how many of these churches were large enough to have 3000 unregistered voters, especially after the massive registration drives undertaken in 2004). But a few months ago when Blackwell held a couple of events to announce his "Pastors for Bkackwell" group, only about two dozen pastors were there and most of them were from out of state. Even Parsley apparently neglected to appear, although Johnson was there.

    by anastasia p on Sun Nov 05, 2006 at 08:55:12 AM PST

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