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View Diary: The GOP's nasty dishonest robo-call barrage (84 comments)

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  •  This could cost many races ... (3+ / 0-)
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    across the country.  Sadly.  It is a horribly devious tactic, violating the law and 'decency', but it will work with some voters.

    But, we must work hard to ensure that the Republican Party faces both government action and civil suits in regards to this abusive behavior.

    And, place serious money fines and judgments against them.  Put them "out of business" -- force the RepubliCONs to create new institutions, which then would face follow-on suits, since their old ones won't have any cash left to pay $100s of millions in judgments.

    This should not just be a cash issue.  The "do not call" list is one of the most popular government actions of the past decade.  We should ensure, over the coming two years, that EVERY American become aware of how the RNC / RCCC / RSCC / etc ignored the law and was abusive of Americans.

    And, there are still 2004 issues (like Sproul) that merit being investigated and suing the RNC about ...

    Dirty tactics ... despicable tactics ... They have no substance to offer.  The 21st century RepubliCON machine makes the old Daley Chicago machine look like clean politics.

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