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  •  Callwave internet phone (4+ / 0-)
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    Phoenix Woman, TaraIst, nika7k, jkilkullen

    I have callwave and I just got a robocall from laura bush ..I called attorney general office and was told they have a right to my number.  I told her I was on the do not call list and how did they get my number.She said they can make these polical calls..I emailed a complaint also.. I have heard that in 8 days my cell phone number will also be available for telemarkers and I have to pay for it unless I call 1888 382 1222 or do not on web..Are we to expect these robo calls on cells phones too..

    •  I don't think they can call cells (1+ / 0-)
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      because that costs YOU money. If the call was free, they probably would be able to call them, but not if it costs YOU.

      That said, if I get any robocalls on my cell, I'm making sure I take notes on who does it, and I'm sending them a huge bill. Then when they don't pay, I'm suing.

      Get enough of us, and we'll force them to stop.

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