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  •  Precinct 614-- Pinellas County Florida (7+ / 0-)

    Here in Pinellas, first off, GatorDem chronicles a web outage that the Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections web site had

    Now my voting experience.

    First off, I'm 27 so I'm not a retiree or something that is typical of North Pinellas County.  Secondly, Precinct 614's usual voting location (the Palm Harbor Fire House) is currently being re-constructed and the precinct voting location has been moved.  I personally was trying to find my voting location on the Pinellas Voting web site and found it to be unavailable.

    I was under the impression that my voting location had moved for the 2nd time.  During the primaries, we had voted at a church 3 miles from where I live.  Passing other voting locations on the way.  This time I got confused and thought it was one of the other voting locations along the way (as if it had changed).  There was no verification in the mail about my voting precinct or anything like that -- which usually arrives via postcard just before an election.

    So I ended up showing up at a elderly community/complex...  After a long wait in line (no, not turnout making the wait long.  It was the elderly couple in front of me) I got to the pollworker and provided my data.  When she couldn't find me, I was forced to have some yellow form filled out.  I was wondering, why not just direct me to my proper voting precinct?  They think I am trying to vote twice?

    After 30 minutes of dealing with a poll worker who took an extra long time to fill in that form I told you about, I was directed to my proper polling location.  I wouldn't call this deliberate suppression or intimidation but everything was a joke.  I was made to feel like a criminal and an outcast while the county supervisor of elections screwed up just a bit making it clear where to vote.

    I ended up going to my proper voting place (the church where I voted in the primary) and cast my ballot (e-vote, egad...).  Within 10 minutes I was heading home.  Dreading this voting experience.  

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