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View Diary: Voting Experiences Open Thread #4 (354 comments)

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  •  Hassled for wearing my Dean shirt in AZ-07 (9+ / 0-)

    I decided to honor Howard Dean today by wearing my Dean for America tee shirt. Besides voting, how better to honor the  radical idea of running a candidate in every district?

    So, naturally, the moment I stepped into my polling place, a nearly empty elementary school gym here in Tucson, the Republican poll watcher (and, by the way the only poll watcher) wagged his finger and said "No, I'm sorry but you can't wear that here."

    My reply was simple - "Why? He's not on the ballot."  

    One of the poll workers (two older women) looked at him and said "She's right" and, after taking my information, handed me a ballot.

    He was practically apoplectic! "But! But! It's not fair. This is not fair!"

    I walked past him, smiling smugly, I admit, went to the booth, and voted. He continued to jaw at the poll workers who seemed to be ignoring him.

    On my way out, I wished him a good day.

    So. That was my voting experience. In case you're not aware, in Arizona you must now show ID to receive a ballot, and the GOPer's poll watchers are out in force.

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