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  •  You can't now anyway (2+ / 0-)
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    deepfish, Bill O Rights

    since the Republicans posted how to make bombs in Arabic on the internet.  It would be like crying over spilt milk (though they obviously need to be kicked out of office and prosecuted for stupidity).

    9/11 didn't change the Constitution!

    by Prof Dave on Tue Nov 07, 2006 at 12:05:55 PM PST

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      posting that info is going to flush the "terrorists" into our national dungeon called Gitmo.  Umm, what's so hard about understanding that?  Are you a dumb-o-crat?

      I'm upset that we can't seem to hold a fair election.  I'm upset that our nation, its govt, its media, its people can't seem to either do the right thing or get the right things done.  I'm upset that I'm left depising half of my compatriots for their seeming oblviousness to any ethical standard.

      If they need to call me a dumb-o-crat then I'm a proud, registered, card carrying, liberal ideal spouting Dumb-o-crat and I'll just keep calling them by their slang term:  Dumbfuckicans!  But in the end that is the problem--too much wasted time demonizing and too little time spent dealing with 21st century problems while focusing on how we can return to early American times where minorities and women and poor are subservient to the ruling class.  Historical revision is what gives the GOP its will, its belief that an America where only men and women get married, the only abortions are out of sight and out of mind, where only the rich get benefits like being able to afford houses and doctors. In reality the times in which those things transpired were counterproductive and draconian in their trappings.  But the GOP wants the return to those times so the wealthy hold on govt will be gripped ever tighter, where the few get to tell the many what they must do, who they can love, for which god they should worship.  In other words they want it back to simple.  Christians, rich, poor.  Man, woman, child.  Too hard to have Christians and Jews and Muslims etc all having to work together.  Too hard to have to integrate minorities and women into traditional anglo provinces such as elected office and CEOmanships.  Too hard to realize that kids and their futures are always ignored in lieu of focusing on what is best for "our needs, today."

      Sorry for the rant.

      Tired of the lies? That makes 60% of us!

      by Bill O Rights on Tue Nov 07, 2006 at 03:20:22 PM PST

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