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    Let's just take a very simple case.  My grandmother and grandfather had a very nice go-existence their entire life.  The family was officially was Republican.  He died thinking she was voting Republican, she wasn't.  She completely disagreed with him on politics their entire life.

    With Oregon's system, how would my grandmother be able to express her right and still have marital harmony.  

    Remember, she has 3 children and has been a "home maker" for 20 years.   While she unofficially controlled the household, he pulled the purse strings.  He was the typical domineering head-of-household, not your Democratic "I respect my wife's opinion" kinda guy.  You can bet that if Oregon's voting system was the way it was done, she would have voted... Republican her entire life.  Why?  She has children, 3 of them.  She is dependent upon him for money and security.

    Let's take another example, a small town in say... Michigan... say, something way out in the boon docks.   You've got your choice of Church, you can be a Catholic or a Lutheran: but, you must go to one church or the other... either that or you and your family get labeled as "unbelievers".   Let me tell you (cuz I lived there).  Being labeled an unbeliever excommunication from society.  Want to go bowling?  forget it.   Want to buy at the local grocer? Ok, perhaps, but don't ask for any "favors".   Your children will be ridiculed in school, your wife will have a very hard time finding a job... assuming you can find one.   In short, it you either go to one of the churches, or you leave town.  

    Now, imagine you've lived there your whole life... and this new law gets put in place.   You grin and bear the "Lutheran" church because that's where you mother goes.  It is only once per week anyway, for an hour.   Not so bad.  But... now mix-in this "voting party" at the Church.  

    Oh... I didn't realize you were a Republican, Kos.   Or... are you one of those baby killers?

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