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View Diary: [update] BREAKING: Bogus VA voter calls point to Allen campaign (107 comments)

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    wanderindiana, kraant

    Come on now. Really. If you Democrats don't resort to cheating to win, then you don't really want to win.

    In America, we need winners. And Democrats won't cheat to win, so that makes them Losers.

    Cheat: Because America Needs Winners


    I hope, if it is true that Allen's compadres are behind this, these sumbitches get their asses thrown in jail for years, because, as of right now, it looks like sack-of-shit Allen is going to win it.

    You go to war not with the reasons you have, but with the reasons you might want or wish to have. - The Republican Credo

    by judyneric on Tue Nov 07, 2006 at 08:36:21 PM PST

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