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  •  I love how right-wingers think this is just a (1+ / 0-)
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    ...two year aberration...  keep thinking that way, fellas...  this is no aberration.  It is a big shift, towards responsible, reasonable, government.  Your dirty tricks aren't going to work anymore.  People are fed up.

    But, I don't care.. go right... capture your looney base... while we hold on to middle America... the middle class we won over last night.

    As long as we provide adequately for the middle america, it will be a long wait for republicans.  See, you guys conned the middle class into believing you were for them.  They bought your con for awhile, but have realized what a scam it really was!

    But, keep thinking it's only two years.  I'll enjoy watching your head explode when Nick Lampson retains his house seat in 2008.

    The conservative moevement suffered a big blow last night.  You yahoos lost a lot of credibility over the years, it's going to take more than a couple of years and more dirty tricks to get it back.

    But, I'm glad you are in denial.  I hear that because of your soul searching, the greatest threat to a democratic president, John McCain may not be nominated by your party... Cool!  Works for me!  Keep imploding, suckas!!!



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