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View Diary: Welcome Lieberman Back to the Fold (188 comments)

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  •  I don't often (13+ / 0-)

    write comments but this one has got to be one of the few.

    I proudly served my country as a young lad in Viet Nam while the current political 'leaders' did their time safe at home or not at all.

    For a repug or a kisser of repugs to call me a traitor for wanting out of a diaster of a contrived war or to even question the policies of MY (our) government gets no quarter from me.  And I would hope not from any true Democrat.

    Joe is the traitor - to the democratic process and to the Democratic Party.  Those that choose to welcome him back with open arms and let bygones be bygones attitude should do so at the risk of their own political futures.

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