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  •  I guessed +6 Sen/+28 House (0+ / 0-)

    didn't guess at gov....

    My point spread of the 'top' 12 (didn't do the same as Kos...)

    My predictions are in parens, the current totals from CNN are listed...

    AZ(Kyl R)Pederson 44 (44)Kyl 53 (53)3 (3)R Hold Margin Correct
    CT(Lieberman D)Lamont 40 (42)Schlesinger 10 (10)Lieberman 50 (47)D "Hold" (I) -5 on Margin
    MD(Sarbanes D)Cardin 54 (52)Steele 44 (47)2 (1)D Hold -5 on Margin
    MO(Talent R)McCaskill 49 (50)Talent 48 (49)3 (1)D Pickup Margin Correct
    MT(Burns R)Tester 49 (52)Burns 48 (47)3 (1)D Pickup +4 on Margin
    NJ(Menendez D)Menendez 53 (53)Kean 45 (46)2 (1)D Hold -1 on Margin
    NV(Ensign R)Carter 41 (40)Ensign 55 (59)4 (1)R Hold +5 on Margin
    OH(DeWine R)Brown 56 (52)DeWine 44 (47)0 (1)D Pickup -7 on Margin
    PA(Santorum R)Casey 59 (54)Santorum 41 (45)1D Pickup -9 on Margin
    RI(Chafee R)Whitehouse 53 (56)Chafee 47 (43)0 (1)D Pickup +7 on Margin
    TN(Frist R)Ford 48 (49)Corker 51 (50)1R Hold -2 on Margin
    VA(Allen R)Webb 50 (52)Allen 49 (46)1 (2)D Pickup +5 on Margin

    •  oh and... (0+ / 0-)

      I really thought the only race that would be a nailbiter was MO. I had bought into the 'momentum' hype of Webb and Tester - should have known they would have been much closer. I had a good feeling that DeWine and Santorum were going to lose big, but it's hard to predict a > 10 point win vs an incumbant (: RI was much closer than I thought it would be...

      Overall, a GREAT night... felt good to be watching some close elections go our way for a change. However, I'm a bit worried that since there were not reports of huge issues with voting, just some localized issues here and there, people will sort of accept the machines the way they are now, setting up for the real issues to surface again in 08.

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