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  •  one of the many joys -- yes, I was having a (0+ / 0-)

    similar thought earlier today, that the best time to push for election reform is when no election result is at issue. I also agree about the tragedy and have argued the same point.

    Thanks for the link; I'm interested in these sorts of cognitive disorders, and was just discussing on another  blog Francis Collins, head of the Genome Project and a believer that the existence of human morality proves the existence of God.  He argues strongly against ID, but makes similar errors in his own religious apologetics.

    •  Well, I'm a (0+ / 0-)

      cognitive psychologist myself, and I'm fascinated by the guises taken by Morton's Demon.

      As for ID and apologetics, I'm a fan of Ken Miller. Whatever we believe, we have to be honest.

      •  Morton's Demon = confirmation bias (0+ / 0-)

        and I daresay that's how you can say that the ToE supports your religious beliefs.  As a scientific matter, the most plausible reason why you have the beliefs you do is that you were indoctrinated into them as a child.  When it comes to honest theists,  I'll take Martin Gardner.  But Miller is certainly admirable for his speaking out against ID and his Kitzmiller testimony.

        •  Well, to get into that (0+ / 0-)

          I'd need a quite different thread.

          But I meant something rather different from the way you interpreted it (and it was careless phraseology on my part). I don't think that any science supports any religious belief.  I don't think religious beliefs are falsifiable.

          What I meant is that the only God compatible with creationism is a vindictive trickster with crummy design skills.  The one I find compatible with the ToE is a lot more likeable, not to say, believable.

          No, I wasn't indoctrinated as a child - quite the reverse: I was taught the principles of the scientific method, and the paramountcy of honesty, even when an honest evaluation of evidence runs counter to the conclusion you would like to draw. I find it no accident that the word "disinterested" has become synomous with "uninterested" - it's referent has got lost.  I think that's a tragedy.



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