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    i didn't mean that to be patronizing, btw.  it is somewhat irrational...people freak out when i tell them that i sold my car a year and a half ago. ;-)

    if moving the overton window is your strategy though, you'll want to aim for a more gradual shift.  one thing that you've got working for you right now is that americans have gotten used to somewhat higher gas prices over the past few years.

    this is off the top of my head so don't take it as a well thought out policy suggestion but as an example.

    1.  more, better, easier public transportation.  the system here outside of a few progressive cities is so banal that its not a real option.  & its no where near as great as the system in western europe.
    1.  changing the atmosphere.  this can be as simple as making sure to have a starbucks or several shops near each station, making sure to keep the stations clean & crime free & so forth.  i know that in parts of the south a lot of people don't go on buses because the stations are dirty & the perceived fear of crime.
    1.  changing the culture.  this basically involves getting people to think of a bus ride or a train ride in more social terms.  i remember taking a train from paris to brussells & it was a total blast 'cuz there were some other kids with me & they were friendly & outgoing.  this doesn't happen here.  people get on trains or buses & are in their own little worlds.

    anyways, the point here is that you wanna wean people off the cars.  once more people are using public transportation, they're less & less affected by a gas tax & so opposition wanes.

    again, not a policy proposal but an example of the little ministeps that a realistic shift in the overton window on this subject might go through.  s.

    the best lack all conviction while the worst are full of passionate intensity --w.b.yeats the second coming

    by synth on Thu Nov 09, 2006 at 01:50:32 PM PST

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