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    While gas prices are going to continue to go up and up, the fact is that many Americans (including myself) feel that the threat of terrorism has been VASTLY overhyped for political gain; notably to consolidate power under the nonsensical "unitary executive" theory.  

    I am all for dealing harshly in a legislative manner with "ruthless" corporations; for starters, let's get rid of the fiction that allows corporations to be treated as persons.  And lets have real tax raises on corporations as well as real (as opposed to show) investigations into corporate price gouging and malfeasance.

    But as for those "ruthless so-called allies"; ending the quagmire in Iraq and slashing the military budget so that our military is pulled out of those areas (and, of course, using the money to fully fund alternative energy/transportation programs) will do far more to stop terrorism and make America more secure than a gas tax ever would, or for that matter, could.

    Let me stress again, there is NOTHING wrong with a gas tax- when put in place at the right time, and in the right way.

    Now is not the right time, and raising the gas tax before you improve public transportation is certainly not the right way.

    There are plenty of other ways available (ways that will not cost us votes and our new, hard-won, majority) to fund subsizdised public transportation to every destination in every city in America.

    Once that system of public transportation is in place, by all means raise the gas tax (assuming, of course, that our alternative fuel "Manhattan project" has not found a cheap, reliable, oil substitute by then)- I, and the rest of the public will go along gladly as I don't know a single person who wouldn't give up their car if public transportation was safe, reliable, and cheap. But right now it's not.

    To punish the poor who have no choice but to drive by raising the gas tax (and I don't care that they'll get the money back- a rebate at the end of the month doesn't help you when it's gas or food for the week) instead of offering them a viable, cheaper alternative to driving is not only wrong, it's political suicide.

    I firmly believe that if you attempt to introduce a gas tax in any way other than the one I describe, you will cost the Dems the majority for the forseeable future, and with the loss of that majority you will lose ANY chance to get the rest of your proposals implemented.

    Explain to me how that's smart?

    Explain to me how that makes America more secure?

    And that's what's wrong with a gas tax - right now, anyway.

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