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  •  Face it: Constitution: 0.5 vs. Expediency 99.5 (0+ / 0-)

    As much as we might have a consensus here that Bush and company are deserving of impeachment for (criminal) incompetence, corruption, rewriting--I mean re-interpreting 750+ laws, lies, lies leading to war, manipulation of intelligence, violations of international treaties, and outright felony violation of federal laws (FISA), need I remind anyone of the number of senators calling for impeachment? 0. The lone elected voice formally calling for a toothless censure: Senator Feingold. I would call that a half-point for the constitution.
     Democrats, now with the ability to subpoena, would seem likely to rediscover their sworn oath to uphold the law, likely to investigate, and perhaps, dare to call for consequences. Whether they may do it now for poltical advantage, or for history, their complaints to date have been but grumbles, while every member of Congress had the power and duty to call for impeachment. While various lawmakers participated in "investigations", they, ( in particular, Senator Feinstein), waited until the facts were known. Apparently, the facts, while largely admitted, are still missing.
      With the political climate change, it may not be political suicide to call for impeachment. It will certainly be ugly -- and distracting from the work at hand. Is the constitution worth it? Can you do both, govern with a slight majority, and dig up the muck?  Can you convince voters that the right thing to do is impeach a two-term wartime president, even if the war is of his own making?  Would it make sense when there is no hope of getting the two thirds of the Senate to convict?
     I think it takes one thing: commitment to the laws of this land -- something every lawmaker swore to uphold.  Yet, its something Republicans only need point to the current score and say, "you are only doing this now because you can". Its not too late for Congress to fulfill its role of balancing the Executive branch. It was just expedient to be complacent about it until the winds changed.

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