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  •  The tide is changing in Idaho (0+ / 0-)

    ...slowly but surely. My county, usually republican, overwhelmingly trounced Otter and Sali. Too bad the Utah fringe and the far North didn't follow suit. It's too bad, but there is hope. Idaho used to be smart enough to elect Demo Governors even if both sides of the Aisles were full of conservatives.
    We might regain our senses that way.

    If Brady stays active on issues he will have a good shot at high office in Idaho, he's simply the better man for the job. And Larry Grant; CONGRATULATIONS on a hard fought campaign!!! Don't give up, please! We need men of your caliber as leaders here.

    I do wish sodomy was not a felony in Idaho, I'd like to tell Mr. Sali to go f*** himself but I won't because if he did-it might be conspiracy on my part. So I'll just say, 'Bill, please perform any sexual act on yourself that is not intended for procreation, and please please please do not embarrass this beautiful state when you take your backseat in Congress."

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