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View Diary: Welcome New Users (Posting Comments) 11/10/06 (87 comments)

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    ek hornbeck

    You really are sweet (but I won't tell anyone). I'll be sure to be in WYFP if you'll be hoping for me. I have a problem all ready for broadcast.

    I'm glad you liked it, if you were the only one it would be enough.

    Awwww.... Meta-hugs and meta-kisses (and not ct-style).

    What's really funny is I wanted to ask you about what you did prior to April 2005 last night given that's when I discovered this place myself. Wished I'd signed up then. I'd be your equal.

    Did you lurk prior too?

    I think back on all the times I saw the link to this place prior to 2005 in the various places I was searching for info and never clicked in or those times I did but didn't make the connection (I tried to read Jeff Feldman many times but I had a wandering mind then and couldn't get through it).

    I agree. I would have sucked up these diaries no matter how old and did of those hotlinked above. Obviously I still read them and not just because you write them. I do still learn (and I think you've eve learned a couple -- one -- things from me). Regardless of what others think, you are my Meta-Man.

    Don't feel bad either Gom'ek. 85 comments are better than zero (or two when you are half of them). I've seen you making sure others have at least one. A heart no matter how small (or large), made of gold. Just a lil' more of a slow dance compared to the excitement of the 200+ of the last couple weeks.

    Slow dances are my favorite (and something I can even manage)

    Mais, la souris est en dessous la table, le chat est sur la chaise et le singe est... est... le singe est disparu! -- Eddie Izzard

    by CSI Bentonville on Fri Nov 10, 2006 at 10:37:05 PM PST

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