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View Diary: Ford's Loss - Why the Rec'd Diary is wrong (and dishonest) (349 comments)

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  •  Not true (6+ / 0-)

    Bredesen got 95% of the Democratic vote.
    Ford got 93% of the Democratic vote.

    It is true that about 1.5 million did not vote, but 60% (nearly 70% in Davidson County) turnout in a midterm election is huge.

    So I see only tatters of clearness through a pervading obscurity - Annie Dillard -6.88, -5.33

    by illinifan17 on Sat Nov 11, 2006 at 09:34:20 AM PST

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    •  Sweet Geeesus--Y'all don't know this state (10+ / 0-)
      Look--registered to vote its one thing you can't count on in this state. They JUST DON'T PURGE the rolls.

      I live in a very rural area. I know for a fact that my older brother does not vote and is not registered--but his kids--who last lived here over ten years ago are sill on the rolls. My mother, who lives in the next county and hasn't voted here in 8 years is still a "registered voter" in my county.

      Another liberal couple we know was over last night. We had both read the little local paper and laughed (yes laughed) about the "hate amendment" getting "3,481 yes votes. There were 429 votes against it." (Bledsonian Banner page 1). The joke was that we probably knew everybody who voted against it.

       The surprise for me was this: "Locally, Bledsoe County voters cast 2,209 votes for Corker and 1,670 for Ford."

      However you read it--that's AMAZING news. I am heartened. Harold ran a great campaign--his commercials were savvy, canny, and really well made. I got my hopes up when he pulled ahead in early Sept--and then THAT fucking commercial ran and literally REMINDED people that Harold was young, black, and single.   And damn he is "nice lookin"" as my Republican auntie pointed out.

      From that moment on, Corker unleashed a torrent of hate--and people in this state KNOW HOW TO HATE. The commercials pointing out that Harold had grown up in DC were probably as damaging to him as the ones making the same claim about  Al Gore. People here HATE folks from DC, NY, LA, and SF.

      I was proud of him because his reaction to the hate was to stay positive. I admired the way he cut Corker in that Knoxville encounter.  If the press had discussed how WHINY Corker was instead of allowing Corker free rein to essentially call Ford "uppity" (without using that word), then Tuesday's results MIGHT have been different.

      I am as liberal as they come. I was a realist about Harold from the start. I don't agree with many of his positions. But I was solidly behind him from the moment I saw the commerical about us "solving energy problems using our farms and our technology."

      I went to see him speak and was even MORE impressed with him as a candidate. I was never "mealy-mouthed" about the guy. I was fucking impressed.

      Disappointed with his loss--a bit.  But he was always a long shot. That he lost by so little--I am heartened.

      I sure hope he runs against that lame fucking ass Lamar Alexander--his pockets aren't as deep as Corker's.

      •  My sentiments too... (1+ / 0-)
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        I'm liberal, and I'm a Harold Ford Jr. supporter. I'm disappointed we didn't win, but I'm consoling myself with the new majority. Ford was considered a long shot for sure; he proved that he could win voters over, but it was the smear campaign that did it. And, I do think that those factors: Young, single, black were the ugly trifecta against Ford. Corker and the RNC hammered away at that message ("I wanted you to meet my girls" ad).

        It ended up being: Corker = family man; Ford = young, black, single male.

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