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  •  Whilst reading the diary, (2+ / 0-)
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    Xan, Timothy J

    which is excellent, I to was thinking that we needed to have more volunteers working in TN on future campaigns.  The only thing is that someone such as
    myself, for instance, could well do more harm than good there.  Never having lived in a Southern State I could well tread on a lot of toes just purely because I would have to speak out to the bigots I'd be bound to come across.

    •  No, you'd be fine (5+ / 0-)

      There's no such thing in ANY campaign as TOO MANY volunteers, and there's always things to do other than direct VC [voter contact].

      And actually, as one who has worked on many races in the midwest and South, firing up the base is just as important as talking to undecideds, anyway -- a vote's a vote, after all.

      Not to mention, if even I can bite my tongue when need be, I'm pretty sure that just about anyone can!

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