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View Diary: Ford's Loss - Why the Rec'd Diary is wrong (and dishonest) (349 comments)

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  •  Hold on one sec (5+ / 0-)

    Whether it's Lieberman or Ford, I'm tired of dems bashing dems

    There is a HUGE difference b/w Lieberman and Ford - in fact, its apples and oranges.  One, while I may not agree with him on every issue [while understanding he's running in TN, for crying out loud!], is a true Dem who just took a huge hit for the team, and I've never uttered a critical word about him.  

    The other's a back-stabber who bashes us at every oppo [sticking the knife in Pres Clinton, at his lowest moment, while nary a peep about Duu-bya] and recites Rethug TP's every chance he gets. Oh, and he's from CONNECTICUT!!!

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