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View Diary: Iraq War Grief Daily Witness (photo) Day 563 (19 comments)

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  •  'Iraq: Legacy of Hate' : The Lost Generation (16+ / 0-)

    Light A Candle For
    Peace, Tolerance, Understanding
    and For The Children - Innocence Lost,
    And The Perpetual Conflict Future We  Have Given Them!

    Soldiers are not the only ones who suffer!
    You may want to view this, than again maybe not.
    Baghdad's Traumatized Patients

    Iraqi psychiatric hospital offers extraordinary insights on the ravages of war.

    Prepare yourself for this short video, and the kid in it!
    If you view keep in mind that what is happening, especially in this new century, are that many, especially the children, are creating Extreme Hatreds that they will release on innocents around them and others as well. How far will these Hatreds carry them, and to what ends for them and us all?
    And this video:
    'Iraq: Legacy of Hate' : The Lost Generation

    Video Documentary By Channel 4 - UK

    'Iraq: The Lost Generation' opens a window onto the hidden world of Iraqi youth, revealing the brutalisation and psychological trauma of living under military occupation. It reveals how the people with whom the future of Iraq rests, are reacting with anger, aggression and, in some cases, violence.

    When the US-led invasion of Iraq promised to replace Saddam Hussein's brutal regime with freedom and democracy, nearly half of the country's population was under 21.


    101st Key Board Brigade Won't Serve......

    So We Pass Along A Welcome and Thank You To Our 'New Citizens' Who Have Been Fighting For Them, and Joining Our Veterans Ranks, On This Veterans Day!

    US soldiers become citizens in Veteran's Day ceremony in Iraq

    "I didn't even know I could until five months ago," admitted Ostadhashemi, who has been in the army for two years, with half of that time fighting in Iraq.

    The Kombat Keyboard Badge w/yellow Elephant
    {Thanks BOHICA for this one!}
    of the 'Chickenhawks' All, 101st Kombat Keyboard Brigade!

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