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    Over there now?  My husband was worried that he might not be able to go to Germany if we had lost, or if they had stolen, the election again.  Now that the Democrats have the House and the Senate, are Germans willing to accept that most Americans are as horrified by this Administration as they are?  Cuz he would like to be able to admit he's an American when he's over there, rather than pretend to be German (he speaks fluent German)

    After the Rapture, we'll get all their stuff! Hummingbird's Blog

    by Hummingbird on Sun Nov 12, 2006 at 01:26:34 PM PST

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      It's gotten better, also before the election. I guess it was worst (in Germany and other European countries as well) right around Iraq and until the Presidential elections in 2004. Everyone here was just dumbfounded how Bush could be reelected. Even conservatives, it's really hard to find European conservatives who like Bush and how he governs.

      The midterms were a top story for a couple of days but not longer than that. The really big story is 2008. There have been numerous Hillary stories already and in the last couple of weeks a handful Obama stories. If another Republican wins in 08 everyone here will say "God help us".

      As for your husband. I can understand. I felt at home in America after my year as an exchange student and was very torn at the time of the time of the Iraq war. There was a lot of blatant anti-americanism which was really hard to digest after the immediate solidarity after 9/11.

      Tell your husband not to worry one bit. He'll be welcome here.

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        jedinecny, bobcatgrad

        I'll tell him.  He and I both love Germany, I lived there in the early 80's and the 60's and we've both been SO embarassed about our country since Bush came in.  The truth is, the Republicans stole the election, probably three times.  I hope the world undertands this, or will come to understand it.  Yes there are jerks here, but the majority of Americans are good people, just like the majority of Germans are.  And the majority of people, period.  I think that's a major fundamental difference between Liberal and Conservative, the Conservatives believe that man is fundamentally evil, while the Liberals/Progressives think people are fundamentally good.

        You live in Mannheim.  I lived "in die nahe" of Kaiserslautern, at Sembach, and also attended school in  Muenchen.  And years before that I lived in Hoff on the border with East Germany.  

        I love Germany, I love the architecture, the historical depth, the people, the beer ;), the wine, and the beauty of the country.  The people I met, were very friendly and helpful when I lived there, especially since I tried to communicate with them in their own language (and did pretty well too), though they always wanted to practice their English on me. I could walk the street in Muenchen after an opera,  after midnight, with very little fear, because there was very little crime. I've regarded it as my second home, and  I've wanted to go back and visit my second home, but since Bush came to office I've been too embarassed to even consider a trip abroad, to be honest.  That's pretty sad.  I do so love Europe.

        However,  the American people have spoken and I hope the rest of the world knows it.  Thank God we spoke!

        I'm glad to hear he'll be welcome. Last time he went, someone yelled at him for being an American in a pub.  And his reaction was "Hey I didn't vote for this guy! I hate Bush!"  

        As to 2008, I don't even want to think about that right now, I want to clean up this government first.  But I would prefer Gore over Hillary, ANY day.


        After the Rapture, we'll get all their stuff! Hummingbird's Blog

        by Hummingbird on Sun Nov 12, 2006 at 05:35:26 PM PST

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