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  •  The "support the troops" hurt, wth do you want? (1+ / 0-)
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    I support the troops.

    I did not want to go to Iraq but I agreed with Afghanistan.
    Fully fund the VA.
    Don't fight Iraqis...fight Al Qaida / terrorists.
    Get out of Iraq!
    No lives for oil.
    Use overwhelming force...or none at all.
    I would not trade one of ours for Saddam...not one!!

    I vote according to these beliefs. I have nephews that are in the military and I try to give moral support but our political views are not the same.

    I could challenge those who participate in an immoral war but I think the blame is with our leaders and those who put them in office.

    If you say I need to be rioting in the street to bring the troops home...I am not there yet.

    So..what the hell do you want?

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