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  •  DCCC on defence? (1+ / 0-)
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    I disagree.  Attack.  Attack.  Attack.

    Our gains in the northeast are solid.  So much that we won't have to make much effort in defending them (good, because of the expensive media markets out there).

    As I diared yesterday, there were 18 seats the republicans kept with a cumulative count of 70000 votes.  I just read there were 29 Republican seats won with less than 10000 votes.  True, we can't expect a "wave" in 2008 in our favour, so many of those won't be nearly as competitive, but I think we can play offence in the house again.

    Moreover, the way they gerrymandered us can play to our advantage since a huge number of democratic seats are so safe a yellow dog would still get 60% of the vote if it ran as a democrat.  

    No, unless the national climate is against us, the DCCC had better be on offence.  18 more seats in 08!

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