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View Diary: CT-Sen: So You Wanna Know What Really Happened? (821 comments)

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  •  two related notes (2+ / 0-)

    It may well be that this race was lost once it was clear that Lieberman was staying in the race for the general election, at which point the demographics of CT made winning extremely difficult.  So as to that point:

    1.  Is it really fair to say that the non-involvement of folks like Obama really mattered in the end, when the only meaningful time to brand Lieberman as a "bad Democrat" was in that second week of August?  Once he made it clear that he was staying in the race, would anything short of a tv ad with Bill Clinton endorsing Lamont really have mattered?  (Put another way, if Dodd/Kennedy/Kerry only got you to 50-40-10, why blame Obama for that chunk you needed?)
    1.  Could you say anything else about the exhaustion issue?  It seemed to me from the outside that by about Sunday of that last week, Ned was spent -- calling off the media from his events, and not really doing that much on Monday (or for a few days afterwards).  How bad was it?
    •  ok (13+ / 0-)

      Ultimately, Joe took 35% of the Democratic vote and large chunk of Indy's inclined to vote Democratic ... and who did throughout the state in congressional elections and down-ballot.

      We needed the party to stand up and call him on his Iraq war deception, and ultimately just how wrong he was on the issue.  That was news in this climate, every time it happened.  There were certain narrative lanes that were like springing oil, that you could tap into repeatedly and reap great reward.  Dems pushing back against Joe was one of them.  

      As Sirota noted, there were a healthy percentage of folks who disagreed on Iraq, yet agreed with Joe's position on the war.  Go figure...

      We had ads, we had press releases, but we needed validation from the party and its superstars.  That rarely came.  One email from Obama generated a full article in the Associated Press.  One visit ... ?

      I don't think we cancelled events before the election, and I know Ned was out at 5 AM on primary day.  I really don't know how to describe it other than to it was like running a half-marathon, crossing the finish line and being told you are only half-way done.  We expended so much of ourselves emotionally and physically that the second have was a pretty tough slog until total adrenaline took over with a few weeks to go.


      •  Obviously I'm defensive on this one . . . (1+ / 0-)
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        . . . Prof. Obama is the man who taught me election law, after all.  He should have come back to Connecticut, especially given his role in the state dinner.

        I still think, in the grand scheme of things, that if endorsements were going to swing this, Sen. Kennedy and Sen. Dodd should have been enough to do that, especially with the Dodd ad.  But that's me on the outside.

        We still owe each other a game of poker.

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