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  •  oh my! i wasn't implying edwards was lazy at all! (0+ / 0-)

    i was referring to "tired" as in exhausted by the rigors of the campaign and not having energy in a crunch AND his not having the sharpness of wit to stay on top of issues WHEN he is exhausted.  those are major criteria for qualifications for the job, imho! (i worked in the theatre the bulk of my professional life and tired is not acceptable or allowed!  when you have an audience waiting, no excuses are allowed - and, to me, politics (especially the president) is the biggest "theatre" of all!)

    i cannot envision a "tired" clinton not instantly knowing what is going on (and i wasn't even a big clinton fan!) - nor can i imagine an ike who could not instantly gather his faculties...

    i want a sharp mind that can awaken in the middle of the night when missles are off the coast of cuba and INSTANTANEOUSLY focus!

    i'm not saying that edwards can't do this - but the obsvervations of my friend give me pause to consider that i need to pay more close attention to the stamina of this particular candidate.

    also, the "drugged" observations of bush came from being within feet proximaty on multiple occasions, from being a top producer with extensive journalism experience going back decades.  it also doesn't take rocket science or a medical degree to know when someone is drugged - if you've been around enough of this, it's easy to spot! i trust this person's opinion from my OWN experience working beside "producers" at cbs radio network news and pbs for many many years.

    if you have followed any of my "stories" of my background and experience over the years, that should give a bit more weight to my opinion than someone without the background i have to offer.  it should NOT be the sole weight in the scales, but it does give a bit more credibility to my observations for those who are comfortable with that background.  if you haven't, i'll be glad to post a "resume" of my bona fides...

    even saying that, these ARE just MY observations - whether one places more stock in them or not is not the sole reason to believe - however, it is a basis to observe more closely to see if personal observations validate or discredit MY observations.  in other words, my offerings are tools to use to gather more information on specific areas where i have expertise to add to the pot.

    i have people who, imho, lend more credibility to an argument on this site than others - and their opinions i give more weight - THEN i look for additional info to support or negate those opinions.  if i find additional outside sources, their credibility grows and the issue solidifies for me.  

    we are all but one piece of a greater puzzle - and we earn or lose credibility by how well our observations and information adds up.  mine, so far, has held up pretty well - so all i ask is your open mind to use what i say to examine the subject a bit closer and compare what you find with what i offer.

    ok - THAT was long-winded... sorry...

    Feingold for President - 2008!

    by edrie on Wed Nov 15, 2006 at 10:57:22 AM PST

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