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View Diary: Is Carville Emanuel's Sockpuppet? (300 comments)

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  •  Carville sucks (0+ / 0-)

    Carville and Begala are the worst.  Not only do they fully support Lierberman, but Begala was on CNN on election night saying, "I'm not confident the Democrats will take the Senate".  We all weren't, but the way he said it like he was cheering for the RNC.

    Those two are utterly convinced that moving towards the center is the only smart strategy in politics.  They are deseperate not to be proved wrong and want to stay in the game so they can supress anyone who gives voice to the left wing of the Democratic Party.  Only a matter of time before they start dissing Pelosi.

    30 seats gained in House, unexpected 6 seats in Senate.  Yet DNC failed and Rove just "miscalculated".  Gotta love the MSM, I won't hold my breath to hear Rahm come to Dean's defense.

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