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  •  It isn't all their doing. (0+ / 0-)

    Congratulations to the Democrats, and let's all hope that at least some of them mean at least some of what they say.

    But . . .

    As one of over 100,000 volunteers with who made over SEVEN MILLION calls getting out the progressive/liberal voters in 50 districts nationwide, I have to say that giving all the credit to ANY Democrat is rediculous.

    The real hero of this election for the Democratic party, I'm beginning to realize, is George Bush.  Without the disasters he (with help from Cheney, Rove, Rummie, Wolfie, Brownie, Condie, and Gonzales) generated over the last six years, Democrats would never have had the success they did this election.

    With all the crap in the cable yell shows parroting the RNC line that people needed something to vote for, or they can't vote Democratic, we all know that's BS.  A huge chunk of the Democratic vote was AGAINST the Republicans, and that's it.  As well, MoveOn and many other campaigns would never have gotten off the ground without an overwhelming groundswell of people who had to do something to get these clowns out of office, and at least limit the damage from the WH for the next two years.

    So all the Dems patting themselves on the back, take note.  The only way you can keep the votes you got this year, and build on them, is to carry out your agenda, bring some rationality to Washington, get the troops out of the shooting gallery called Iraq, and sharply limit W's power grab.

    Impeach Cheney!!!!

    C. David Noziglia Alexandria, Virginia

    by Noziglia on Wed Nov 15, 2006 at 12:43:50 PM PST

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