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  •  He's a hero, kids. (0+ / 0-)
    No question.

    I think putting himself out there, with his real name, telling the world the truth about this hypocrite---he said that he was trying to undo what he'd done, by selling the drugs and keeping the secret for this guy. To disregard part of his act and to focus on his history is to set an insufferable standard for forgiveness in the situation. And to say a 'real' hero would have encouraged them to be themselves? What world you live in? No, Haggard had to be stopped, and Mike Jones did it.  Haggard wasn't a garden variety closet case. He was a world-class homophobe responsible for a lot of lies and pain.

    Good luck with this---from a neighborhood boy who's out here in the woods for a while. And yeah, I'm sending money.

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