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View Diary: How About Some More of that Bush Bipartisanship? (222 comments)

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    After this election, Shrubby is radioactive. His coalition-building skills have been shot dead. Gingrich is just bloviating. People like him "know" that we won't pass the "evil liberal bills"  until we've taken the trifecta.

    •  Radioactivity in Republican Primaries (3+ / 0-)
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      First, you are absolutely correct that Bush is radioactive.  I'm sure there was someone, somewhere that Bush helped in 2006.  But it was far more likely that his "help" destroyed some otherwise hopeful GOP candidates.

      No Republican candidate in their right mind will seek Bush's help in any way.  What will be interesting is their willingness to defend administration policy.  They know that bashing Bush is simply death in a GOP primary, but failing to show substantive independence from Bush is death in the general.

      I love seeing all of these GOP candidates running.  The more active their primary, the more difficult it will be for them to tack left during the general.

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