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    I'm sure you're as eager as anyone for January, but there's very little the incoming Demcratic majority can do until then.

    And - I think your assessment of the Pelosi-Hoyer-Murtha kerfluffle is way overblown.  I've been very busy with work the past few days and have had to limit my political intake to brief DKos drive-bys, a quick read of my local paper, and brief exposure to TV news that my wife watches in the morning (generally the Today show).  That probably puts me as no worse informed about political goings on than about 95% of the American population.

    The main things I can tell you about this is that there were two candidates and today was an article that one was elected - the one not originally favored by Pelosi.

    Big.  F'ing. Deal.  

    My advice is to cool it.  Our time is coming but it's not here yet.

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