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  •  >What do you think happened to South Am. libs? (0+ / 0-)

    Er, they got elected in Venezuela and Bolivia? Or do you mean Chilean, El Salvadorian, Nicaraguan, etc libs? There still seem to be plenty of the latter, if not as many as there should be.

    The south certainly leans left

    I realize there's been and continues to be a lot of interference there and in the US, but I don't think it's helpful to over egg the pudding. Whilst there is a rise in authoritarianism in the US that needs to be carefully watched and acted against, I don't think the present situation in the US is similar to that in immediately pre-Pinochet Chile.

    •  Are you an idiot, or is this snark? (1+ / 0-)
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      "Er, they got elected in Venezuela and Bolivia"?

      Hundreds of thousands of liberals were "disappeared," tortured & murdered from Chile to Argentina to Bolivia to Brazil to Ecuador to Paraguay -- and the disappearances & mass-graves continue to this day in Alvaro Uribe's Colombia.

      This fact is the reason why the masses refuse to "lean Right."

      Maybe you should listen to Isabel Allende when she warns about the direction the U.S. is headed.

      Maybe you should listen to Sandra Day O'Connor's warnings.

      Maybe you should ask yourself why the investigation of the Anthrax Attacks of post-September 11 went cold, after the trail led to Fort Detrick, Maryland.

      Maybe you should ask yourself why the South Americans are as mistrustful of the military as the U.S. is glorifying of it.

      Maybe you should ask yourself why Otto Reich and John Negroponte, who were directly involved in the creation of Operation Condor and Honduran Death Squads, are not only scot-free with impunity but actually function in key posts of the Bush Administration.

      Maybe you should ask yourself why Freepers not only defend but laud to this day Pinochet's "economic triumphs" as a pilot project of the University of Chicago's proto-Neocon fantasies.

      Maybe you should ask Jose Padilla whether the U.S. Constitution is hanging by a thread...

      ...and then maybe you should ask yourself whether Bush really did purge and stack the CIA and NSA with Far Right operatives who will feed false intelligence into any future non-Republican Administration.

      Certainly, your conflation of South America's current political tendency with an overall obscuring of its past isn't helpful.

      In fact, it's downright COINTELPRO.

      Maybe you aren't an idiot or a snarker after all.

      •  How rude. (0+ / 0-)

        Clearly you feel strongly about this. I think you're wrong, but I won't call you an idiot as  I don't know who you are.

        I'm aware of most of the stuff you mention. That's why I talked about US interference. I'm aware the Dems have not followed it much if any of it up. Do you understand why? (clue-- it's not because they belong to the skull and bones)

        Covert operations outside the US are different from those inside. Not morally, but practically. They are conducted differently. Again, why do you think that is?

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