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  •  More BS (4+ / 0-)
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    rocketito, rMatey, vets74, ERyd

    The religious fanatics just can't stand the idea that the earth is a dust mote at the edge of the universe.  To admit that would, in their minds, remove them from the center of the universe and diminish the importance of their god.

    They look at it like:  "I'm the center of my universe so therefore I must be the center of everybody's universe."

    Small, simple minds unwilling or unable to grasp their place in the cosmos.

    And yet they feel qualified to tell everyone else what to do and what to believe.

    Heaven help us if they ever really gain control - another "Dark Age".

    •  So, continental drift is, um, continental gallop? (1+ / 0-)
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      Speaking of early earth history, though, has anyone tried to tie together

      1. the mars-sized collision theory of the origin of the moon,
      1.  with the origin of the continents on earth (why is the earth's surface not uniform, but covered only about 1/3 by continental rock)
      1. the finding by Japanese scientists about 5-10 years ago that the water in the oceans is seeping ever so slowly into the earth's lower crust or mantle, and
      1.  the reason so much of the world was covered with shallow seas during the age of the dinosaurs, and in fact why land-based organisms didn't appear until about 1b years ago (maybe there wasn't much dry land at that point, if the Japanese scientists are right)


      Just sayin', I mean, it seems like there might be some reason to speculate...

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