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  •  Since Keroack is so interested in our privates (5+ / 0-)

    And in our intimate lives...I want to know more about his.  Has he practiced abstinence? Has he had more than one sexual relationship? If so, did he notice his oxycontin--er, oxytocin--levels dropping?  

    Was any of the sex characterized by behavior which he might at some point want to confess to a congregation in order to obtain forgiveness?  How many children has he fathered?

    I think we need more data before we can evaluate his hypotheses.  Since he clearly feels strongly about them he must have done a great deal of research, and he should share it.

    Where did his obsession with sexuality and repression begin?  Shouldn't we legislate to control his behavior in the bedroom?  Isn't that what God wants?  He may be doing something in the privacy of his own home (or in a hotel room or in a massage parlor) that we need to be watching and controlling.

    Why is it that everywhere, in every culture, when women can easily obtain contraception, they choose to do so?  Did God just make women "that way"?  Or rather, THAT WAY????!!!!!

    •  All the perverts are Republican (1+ / 0-)
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      And the worst Republican perverts are the most righteous in their rhetoric. Their moralistic projection assumes that all of the public is as deranged as they are, hence the dictation of morality through law. They want to stop themselves, and can’t, so everyone must suffer for their personal failures.

      Keroack is the poster child for this behavior. Who knows if his personal perversion will ever be known? His misogyny is the tell that his sick mind is manifest somehow in his personal behavior.

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