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View Diary: Christian Coalition Continues to Implode: President-Elect Resigns (381 comments)

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    They shop at "membership" stores rather than open big box stores because the "clientelle" is better. They avoid certain areas of town, and have three locks on their doors. They home school so that their children only play with like-minded playmates.

    I shop at Costco because it is way cheaper, and most of the things you buy there are superior quality, plus they pay their workers well and they have benefits.
    My boyfriend, who is black and grew up in NYC, is the one who keeps all doors locked at all times with multiple locks. He even put a padlock on our little storage barn, which caused much hilarity on the part of our landlord who lived here for over 20 years and never so much as had a screwdriver taken out of that barn unlocked.
    And my daughter was home-schooled when she hit high school for reasons other than wanting to keep her away from others.

    I agree that many people live "gated community" lives. I live in such an area, only I'm on the outside of the gated part. So, I see your point, but my point is that it's not a good idea to judge entire groups of people by the actions/motives of a few.

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