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View Diary: MBFI: Barack Obama in His Own Words – Man of Destiny? (39 comments)

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    From the diary:

    During a Q&A session, Sen. Obama stated his position on several issues:
    Hike in minimum wage
    Reexamine Medicare Part D so that drug prices can be negotiated
    Pass an ethics bill
    Reduce interest rates on student loans
    Initiate a phased withdrawl of troops from Iraq
    He is ambiguous on GLB marriage issues [snip]
    Favors D.C. statehood

    Those are his positions, rather than his platform, which mirrors Pelosi's first 100 hours.

    I am starting to agree with some of the people here that phased withdrawl will only increase casualities as the Iraqi militias chase us out and try to increase the body count to speed up the process.

    One thing Bush has done is normalize very specific time frames for political processes. Reality is messy and sticky! It is very hard to set specific dates for this kind of stuff, because the ongoing results and process are hard to predict.

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