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View Diary: Vegetables of Mass Destruction - Biofuels (230 comments)

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  •  What Biofuels Really Mean (6+ / 0-)

    Worldwide food production will eventually cease to increase (if it hasn't peaked already) and as fossil fuel availability declines, the choice will come down to somebody trying to survive on $2 a day starves because you drive.

    •  You've been fed a load of bullshit. (5+ / 0-)

      This is based on the lies fed to us by US agribusiness to con us into thinking that the US is helping feed the third world. Pure marketing, which is to say, pure BS.

      The US is helping to spread hunger around the third world. Countries that are perfectly able to feed themselves in normal conditions run into a patch of bad luck, and then are faced with the devil's bargain of accepting US "Food Aid" (and spy posts, and military bases) in return for allowing the US to destroy the local subsistance agriculture system.

      If biofuels is an alternative to the US Farm Lobby going through the third world like an endless plague of locusts, I am all for it.

      •  You've been eating a load of bullshit (1+ / 0-)
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        willers think that humanity is due an undless increase in food production. When the availability of fossil fuels declines, the green revolution will be over. Using more food to replace fossil fuels simply and utterly means there will be less food for people to eat.

        There is a limited amount of cropland, water and fossil-fuel based fertilizer. Yet, there is an unlimited potential for human population to increase. Famine is the equalizer. Famine is the harvest of petroleum depletion. The rich can afford their biofuels, while the poor will starve.

        Big ag loves biofuels because they increase demand on their products, not the other way around.

        •  I don't think you get biotech (0+ / 0-)

          The whole point of biotech is that you won't have to grow the biomass in a field; you can just cook it up in a vat. So the limitations on cropland, water, and fertilizer will be largely moot.

        •  Fossil fuel based fertilizer is part of the ... (0+ / 0-)

          ... system of hidden subsidies and externalized costs to big agribusiness that allows them sweep through developing nations like a plague of locusts.

          There is a limited amount of cropland, there is a limited amount of water, and still the major cause of hunger in the third world are the EU and US farm lobbies.

          And as far as population increase, we know that the most important tools for reducing explosive population growth in most third world countries is improved basic health care and improved education for women. And meanwhile, health care and universal education are the first things that have to be cut when the IMF and World Bank come to town and demand a "restructuring" ... meanwhile there is no constraint on armaments spending, because the Pentagon and their corporate minions will not permit it.

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