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    Following is a technology that, if it is true and not a scam, could help solve two major problems for our country - disposal of our garbage and our dependence on foreign oil.  Changing World Technologies, Inc. claims to have perfected the process of turning virtually any organic feedstock into diesel fuel and various chemicals and/or metals depending upon the type of feedstock being fed into the process.  It does this by precisely controlling pressure, temperature and moisture.

    Discover Magazine's April 2006 issue has an article on this process explaining what it is about and some of the issues they are running into.  

    Here is the article -

    and here is Changing World Technologies' website -

    According to the Discover article, it seems this home-grown company is  contemplating headquartering in Europe because of a lack of enthusiasm here at home.  That would be a shame if something like this, which has the potential to have a profound effect on our lives, were to continue to be ignored by our government.  To be sure, they have their detractors, but I feel that we as a nation have an obligation to look into this for the implications it has for our future.    If this were to work out as it seems, it could provide a solution or a partial solution to the following problems:

    1.  Energy Independence - According to one estimate, just agricultural waste alone could replace 4 billion barrels of oil a year - approximately the amount we import.  No more war for oil.
    1.  Balance Of Trade - It would stop a large portion of our wealth as a nation from being exported.
    1.  Global Warming - This could be an important step in halting global warming due to excess carbon dioxide as it is not pulling carbon out of the bowels of the earth and shoving it in the atmosphere.  If the output of this could be used to create plastics and other products now created from oil pumped from wells, it could truly be carbon neutral, with the carbon it uses coming from the atmosphere through plantlife.
    1.  Employment - Lots of processing plants to be built and maintained.

    Is this the ideal solution for our energy needs?  Probably not, but it is what is available now and solves two of our societies' major problems.  It takes a liablility (garbage) and turns it into an asset (energy).  At least this could provide an energy solution until a better  one comes along.

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