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  •  We use solar electricity and woodstove heat (4+ / 0-)

    There are ways to reduce the air quality issues w/woodstoves:

    • Get one with a catalytic converter,
    • Burn hot,
    • Always make sure you open the damper all the way before opening it,
    • Open the door slowly to establish an inward air draft to keep the smoke from coming into the room.
    • Ensure a good fresh air supply (if possible with an air-to-air heat echanger). We've achieved this by having cats with sufficient "wrong side of the door syndrome" to ensure the doors are opened on a regular basis throughout the day.

    In the spring, we'll upgrade our electrical capacity with additional solar panels (we sized the system for the historic cloudiness of VT, not for the current cloudiness), so we should need the backup generator much less.

    Unfortunately, the cabin can't support solar hot water in its current configuration, so, hot water comes from either the wood stove or the kitchen stove right now (just percolated a pot o' coffee on the wood stove - might as well recapture that heat. It's also good for reheating pizza.), but an efficient on-demand propane hot water heater is waiting to be installed.

    In the summer, we use a sun shower in a shower tent for showering, but once it starts getting below 50 degrees, it's too bleeping cold to shower outside.

    We have a refrigerator that can run on either propane or electricity, so if we have overcapacity of sunlight in the summer, we can run it off the batteries, and when we have insufficient sun, we can run it on propane. Alas, now that Vermont is a temperate rain forest, there's usually insufficient sun.

    Beware the everyday brutality of the averted gaze.

    by mataliandy on Sun Nov 26, 2006 at 10:23:40 AM PST

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