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    I know I'll never single-handedly change our country, but the summer I lived with a British family in London, our house was TINY by American standards. It was a duplex and we had 2 toilets and 1 bathroom. At one point we had 9 people living there: 3 Brits, 2 Americans, 2 Slovenians, 1 Swiss, 1 French, 3 golden retrievers, and 2 cats. Somehow, it all worked. No bathroom fights. Americans would never attempt living that tightly packed into a small space.

    Recipe For America - A people-powered movement to take back our food system

    by OrangeClouds115 on Sun Nov 26, 2006 at 09:12:03 PM PST

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      The reality is that millions of Americans do live in such crowded condition, they just don't do it by choice. Hundreds of thousands, perhaps over a million Americans also commute to work by bike or foot.

      The thing is, they are nearly invisible to those of us in the middle class. Back in the last century, I briefly dated a woman who lived with her mother, her sister & brother-in-law and their four kids in a three bedroom, one bath flat while she attended Marquette Dental School as the first person in her family to have ever gone to college. Right now a family of seven lives across the street from me in a three bedroom, one bath flat.

      Most people who live this way in the USA are either immigrants or African-American. Most live in households where every adult works two jobs, usually both paying less than $8/hr.

      It is, I believe, in part because living densely or using human power to commute (or even the bus) is associated with poverty or low levels of education that so many people will not consider such things. I have been asked point blank if I have been convicted of DUI because I bike or bus to work unless I have an exceptional errand to run afterward. In our status obsessed culture, a wasteful, selfish lifestyle is a badge of status.

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